Is Home Education An Option For Me

"To love one's children is to be in complete communication with them it is to see that they have the right kind of education that will help them to be sensitive, intelligent and integrated. - J Krishnamurti


There are many parents who feel a deep dissatisfaction with the schooling that their children are receiving. Some wonder why their child has such a low level of achievement, and are concerned when they see various learning difficulties developing. Others, when they see children exhibiting strong emotional and behavioral problems, suspect the school environment is seriously damaging their child’s well-being. There are very genuine reasons for concern. Class sizes can be huge; teachers are under...

My Shift To HomeSchooling

"They view school as some sort of prison sentence they have to get through - George


I have two children, both enrolled at an ICSE school in Chembur, a suburb of Bombay. My daughter is in 10th and my son in the 9th. My children are miserable. They view school as some sort of prison sentence they have to get through. Teachers who may or may not make sense and make no effort to make the material interesting. Huge loads of books that have to be humped up and down five...

Question The Status Quo

"Food is shoved down so early in the morning down their throats when they haven't even woken up properly. It takes the digestive system some time to get kicking and to shove food down 20 minutes after waking up is detrimental - Anuradha


They follow this “kids will be kids” policy and “let them figure out their own equations” etc, he gets bullied and shoved around quite a bit by the heftier boys. But they don’t do much about it. It’s been going on for too long now. There are many other things. But the people who manage the school are essentially good people. But I am not satisfied, frankly. I think the best thing is to get...

Taking A Leap Of Faith

"But there are those times when i suddenly feel-what am i doing with her?Am i doing the right thing?For the answers to this i look towards anandita.When i see her happy and smiling, looking forward to her day,curious with questions i know that i am headed the right way. - Jyotsna


I am new to homeschooling as in I am a beginner just like my soon to be 6 yr old daughter is.It has been 4 months now.Initially i left it to my daughter.I left it to her so that i could have some idea of what she wanted to do/what she would like to know about/read about.I decided to follow her cue and took it from there. I chose a topic say on Fruits and...