Why do children Play?

"Children are fascinated by what's around them. When left free, they tend to explore the world. They observe, playfully imitate and engage with the things around them. They are in a constant state of flow, fully consumed by what they do.

Alwin George

If let free, wouldn’t children just play around and have fun? Would they learn? This is a genuine concern that many parents have. Anyone who has been with a child knows that they just love to play, that if given the opportunity they will play all day long. I wonder why though? Why do children spend most of their time in play? Are they just wasting their time or is there something to play that...

Why does suffering in schools still continue?

"We see and hear so many students committing suicides due to the pressures of the system, and yet we continue with the system as if the students suffering doesn’t matter at all.

Vijaykumar Kartha

Do you know how this system works so effectively and has been in force for almost a century or more now? It has killed millions of unsuspecting students yet the system continues its march and there are a very few who have been able to question it or break it down in order to create a new culture. We see and hear so many students committing suicides due to the pressures of the system, and...

An Experiment With Freedom

"A Look into how children learn when they are left to explore their natural playful instincts.

Jinan KB

I got involved in educational matters while doing my Engineering degree. In fact I dropped out for a year to be with children and “taught” in a primary school. The most important issue seemed to me lack of free thinking in us due the strong conditioning we undergo at schools, in society, by parents etc. To me being with children also meant to look at my own de-conditioning process. This was in 1983. Later from...

Observations Of A Concerned Mother

"He picked up this attitude of learning being "work", to be avoided, and gotten over with as soon as possible. - Nalini


My son turned 7 last month. We relocated to the UAE four years ago, and initially took a while to settle down. He has spent a total of 2 complete years in school so far, and I find that he has learnt Nothing new those two years. Most of what he knows/knew came from our sessions together which were, for him, the greatest fun, reading & doing stuff with mom. The two years he did...