An Experiment With Freedom

"A Look into how children learn when they are left to explore their natural playful instincts.

Jinan KB

I got involved in educational matters while doing my Engineering degree. In fact I dropped out for a year to be with children and “taught” in a primary school. The most important issue seemed to me lack of free thinking in us due the strong conditioning we undergo at schools, in society, by parents etc. To me being with children also meant to look at my own de-conditioning process. This was in 1983. Later from...

Observations Of A Concerned Mother

"He picked up this attitude of learning being "work", to be avoided, and gotten over with as soon as possible. - Nalini


My son turned 7 last month. We relocated to the UAE four years ago, and initially took a while to settle down. He has spent a total of 2 complete years in school so far, and I find that he has learnt Nothing new those two years. Most of what he knows/knew came from our sessions together which were, for him, the greatest fun, reading & doing stuff with mom. The two years he did...

Is Home Education An Option For Me

"To love one's children is to be in complete communication with them it is to see that they have the right kind of education that will help them to be sensitive, intelligent and integrated. - J Krishnamurti


There are many parents who feel a deep dissatisfaction with the schooling that their children are receiving. Some wonder why their child has such a low level of achievement, and are concerned when they see various learning difficulties developing. Others, when they see children exhibiting strong emotional and behavioral problems, suspect the school environment is seriously damaging their child’s well-being. There are very genuine reasons for concern. Class sizes can be huge; teachers are under...

My Shift To HomeSchooling

"They view school as some sort of prison sentence they have to get through - George


I have two children, both enrolled at an ICSE school in Chembur, a suburb of Bombay. My daughter is in 10th and my son in the 9th. My children are miserable. They view school as some sort of prison sentence they have to get through. Teachers who may or may not make sense and make no effort to make the material interesting. Huge loads of books that have to be humped up and down five...