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Alternative Education is a non-sectarian and non-hierarchical Community. The intention is that we learn together. Please Use the Get Involved Page Or the Forum Page to Participate with Us in Deciding how to Run the Website. To stay Unbiased as Possible, We Don't Accept Money from Schools or Other Instituions. We are a Very Small Team and we welcome you to work with Us

List of Alternative Schools

This is a Detailed List of Alternative Schools. Schools are selected by the Community.


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Online and Local Communities

Interact with the community. We have listed Facebook and Google Plus Groups specific to each location.

Parent Stories

Read Stories From various Parents about the impact of Alternative Education. If you are a such parent, feel free to write one.

Homeschooling Help

How Do You Homeschool Your Children? When your child is ready for college, what credentials are you going to present, How do you start working towards getting those Credentials?


Books, Articles, Websites and Other Resource to understand more about Education.